Barham Properties Joint Venture: Investments

"Creating home ownership, one family at a time..."

Barham Properties was established in 1996 with an emphasis in real estate investments. George Barham IV has a reputation built on experience, creativity, and entrepreneurial drive. He has a system for investing in real estate that is reliable and profitable.
The joint venture is formed between two or more people to invest in a specific real estate opportunity. The investor provides the capital, and Barham Properties provides the expertise. This is a desirable way for investors to undertake their first few real estate investments. The risks are reduced, and investors can grow their money while learning how to invest in real estate. Barham Properties has an assortment of techniques and strategies to achieve a higher rate of return on your investment.
Barham Properties will identify opportunities, provide market knowledge, coordinate closings, manage the risks, collect and distribute funds, report buyer's mortgage payments to the credit bureau, and follow up with buyer's credit status.
Investors play an important role in affording home ownership to families that may have had a job change, past slow credit, illness, or a number of other factors that would prevent them from obtaining a traditional mortgage.
Barham Properties evaluates each potential home buyer and qualifies them before a transaction is made. The home buyer understands that a higher mortgage rate will be paid to secure investor financing.
Most investments mature in two to three years which helps to reduce the risk. Income to the investor is generated from the sale of the home to the buyer in addition to monthly mortgage payments. The goal is for the buyer to refinance with a local bank and therefore obtain a less expensive money source. This is a win-win for all parties and most importantly: you get to invest in someone's life as they become a home owner.

Investor Benefits:

Supply capital for a specific purchase

Let your money work for you

Enjoy a higher rate of return

Reduced risk investment

Collect monthly cash flow

Invest in someone's life

Win-win approach